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My Dad’s Sunday Roast

In honour of my lovely Dad on Fathers Day – this is the roast my Dad has cooked us every Sunday for as long as I can remember.

My parents are English, so roast dinner late on a Sunday afternoon is a tradition in our house.

Sunday roast is Dad’s meal to cook. It’s a beautiful roast – beef, lamb or pork (today it’s my favourite – lamb), with all the trimmings – including cauliflower cheese and Yorkshire puddings to fill like gravy swimming pools.

Mum and I love to scrape the crunchy baked on cheese sauce around the edge of the Pyrex dish. My brother loves the little batter biscuits that join each Yorkshire pudding, and Dad loves sitting down to this meal that he can enjoy for hours.

I’m ashamed to admit that for a few grumpy teenage years I ‘hated’ this – the monotonous meal that meant I had to be sitting down to dinner with my family every Sunday at 4pm – instead of out with my friends. I was spoilt, wasn’t I?…

Dad’s most proud of his Yorkshire puddings. They always had to rise just enough before we could sit down. Every time he’d deliver them to the table and jokingly ask “do you think they high enough?.” So he’s chuffed that they’re being photographed today.

There’s something lovely about watching Dad prepare his favourite meal – the pleasure and pride he takes in it. There’s a calm order in his process and he tidy’s up as he goes… this is me. This is how I cook. I love that I’ve inherited this from him.

Thanks Dad. I’m sorry I ever said I ‘hated’ your Sunday roast – it, and you really are the best! x



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