Lucy in the Larder

It’s all about the cheese for our first meal in Greece; starter of Feta cheese in a rustic pie crust with honey and thyme & black sesame… A-mazing! Seemingly simple – a piece of fresh feta wrapped and in pastry and fried, then drizzled with a light thyme infused honey. It has all the elements of warm, crunchy, soft, salty, sweet and a little bit squeaky.

We also share the “Katiki” cheese, fried eggplant & spicy red pepper sauce. Grilled calamari; Kasian rice with chicken, tomato parboiled in buttermilk. The rice is interesting – light and tangy, like a risotto in texture.

But again it’s all about the cheese for dessert too; Constantinople “Kounafe”, stuffed with sweet cream cheese and peanut dawning served with ice cream. We’re not to sure what to expect… what arrives looks like a delicate brick pastry pancake filled with cheese and soaked in syrup. Best described as a cheesy baklava – sound delicious?! Yep! The cheese is like a mix between ricotta and goats, layered between the crispy shredded pastry. Out waiter recommends we enjoy with ice cream to balance out the savory in the dish – and he’s right… a scoop of sweet creamy ice cream melting over a crispy cheesy baklava pancake!

All that cheese washed down with a Vision Palivou Estate rose.

Dinner at Mono (Metropoles Square, Athens)

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