Lucy in the Larder

I must have a sweet tooth… Never used to. I love discovering all the pastry and sweet shops we pass on our travels.

Drawn in by the soft, shiny sugary beauty – no idea of their foreign flavours. You just have to try them – or hope someone speaks English to at least attempt to describe what it is (nothing ruins a cake shop fantasy like marzipan. Yuck).

The little shop in Paros has glass cases full of cream pastries, baklava in a million different shapes and sizes, cakes and breads. In front of the counters clear plastic boxes are stacked with all manner of sweet biscuits, just labelled ‘traditional sweets’.

We’ve chosen for our journey to Santorini tomorrow; a box of dried figs with sesame seeds and some icing sugar covered shortbreads that look like mini-pasties filled with dried fruit.

We love the figs! Like pretty dried flowers with round tipped petals. The sesame seeds sandwiched between them are toasted and caramelised by the fruit.

I wonder if it’s possible to re-create these at home?!

The box doesn’t even make it back to the hotel. We better get a few more tomorrow.

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