Lucy in the Larder

My sweet tooth is back again – this time it’s enjoying the traditional Greek treat, Kadifi.

After a very unimpressive and expensive dinner at 1800 restaurant in Oia on Santorini, we decide to skip their dessert and walk down to Meteor Cafe (terrible name for a great place) down by the windmills.

Unlike any of the other cafes in town with old ornate bench seating covered in cushions, French bistro style tables and chairs, lots of Art Deco blown-glass lights, Film Noir music and more locals than tourists. It’s a bit dark and cool.

There are 4 pies lined up on the dark wood bar – Walnut & chocolate; Kadifi; Apple (looks like an apple turnover) and Baklava.

A smart looking old man sits in the corner at one of the tables that’s been set up like a desk with a laptop, lamp and piles of paperwork. We ask him what’s the best pie and he’s hard pressed to decide, but says the Kadifi is unlike anything we’ll find replicated at home, so we share a slice of this.

It’s lovely and nutty like Baklava, but not as syrupy and sweet. The crispy shredded birds-nest-like pastry top is covered in crushed nuts.

The perfect way to end our last night in Greece.

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