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Beef gulyas with Hungarian noodle

Beef Gulyas with Hungarian noodle in Budapest.

My first night in Budapest, I had to have goulash. It’s beautifully rich with the sweet and hot paprika and I love the Hungarian noodles, Spaetzle – like little pasta dumplings.

The serving sizes are dangerously large here… But I manage to make a good dent in this. Recipe below (a little bit lost in translation).

Hungarian Gulyas (Goulash)
500g beef, diced
50g cooking fat
100g onions, diced
5 tsps sweet paprika
1 dried hot paprika
2L water
2-3 potatoes
1.5 tsps salt
2 carrots
Chopped parsley
5 g caraway seed
5 tsps ‘gulyaskrem’ (Goulash cream)
Spaetzle (pasta): 1 egg, 150 g plain flour

– Fry onions in fat until they start to turn yellow. Add sweet & hot paprika
– Add beef and brown with onions then stew with lid on until meat becomes tender
– Add carrot, parsley, caraway seeds and goulash cream – Constantly replace the moisture that has boiled off, with a little of the water
– When beef is cooked, add potatoes and salt & pepper to taste, cover and cook until potatoes are soft
– Spaetzle (pasta): Make dough and push through a colander to create pasta globules (for lack of a better word) and cook in salted water

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