Lucy in the Larder


During the long winters when Hungarians needed substantial snacks to keep their bodies fueled, a potato dough fried in Lard was a good choice – this is ‘Langos’, the Hungarian pancake.

I’d read about them, heard about them and seen the queues of people lining up for them at the Langos stand in the Market Hall. I couldn’t leave Hungary without at least trying them.

It’s post-lunch, so I’m going with the sweet (they come in both sweet and salty varieties) Langos of sweet cottage cheese (700 Hft/$3.30).

I don’t know if the dough is still potato based. I watch the pancakes being made while I wait in the long queue – they come out of the giant deep fryer (this takes up half the shop) dripping in hot oil and looking like a doughy papadum. My sweet cream cheese is laced with a little lemon zest and ladled on top then dusted with icing sugar.

The oil is soaked up on the brown paper it’s served on. The dough is crisp and soft with a pizza bread texture and taste – salty and yeasty. It’s a lovely combination with the runny and lumpy, lemony cottage cheese.

I can only get through half of it…

Langos, tick.

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