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Dinner at Adio Mare (Ulica sv Roka, Korcula, Croatia)

Tonight we’re dining at Adio Mare, just around the corner from Marco Polo’s house, on the island of Korcula in Croatia.

We’re welcomed in to the warm maritime themed dining room that’s filled with a handful of long tables and bench style seating. Woven light fittings, cross sectional plans of ships and oars arranged as artwork hang on the walls.

We’re seated right next to the open plan kitchen where the cooks are flame grilling. The days catch is proudly shown to the table next to us and I can hear the meat cleaver slamming through bone – one of my dining companions has just ordered the lamb chops.

As we’ve come to expect from our time here, we’re served a fish pate to start (this isn’t being gifted, it will appear on the bill). It’s usually tuna based and I’m picky about not eating it if it’s too ‘fishy’, but I enjoy this one with the bread that’s been lightly charred with olive oil in the grill.

I already know what I’m ordering, their speciality ‘pasticada with sticky gnocchi’ – braised beef in a typical homemade sauce based on ‘prosek’ (dessert wine) with prunes and served with home made potato dumplings (80k/$15). My travel buddy is having the grilled ‘skampi’ (120k/$22), and of course we’ve agreed to share.

The cut of beef is like brisket (I think?), slow cooked for hours, it falls apart in the sweet brown sauce with the tender oddly shaped pillows of potato. I’m reluctant to share this now and hold on to the leftover sauce to mop up with my bread. I’d love the recipe.

The scampi are a bit small, charcoal grilled whole just with olive oil, garlic and parsley. They’re sweet and smokey, but it’s a lot of work for not a lot of meat.

We’re drinking red, a Postup 08 Radovic, that our waiter has recommended (180k/$34).

There’s a constant stream of diners coming in – more tables are offered upstairs, but it’s a treat if you can sit in the small dining room by the kitchen to see, smell and listen to your dinner being prepared.

Score: 7.5 Plates (out of 10)

Adio Mare – Ulica sv Roka, Korcula, Croatia – 020 711 253

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