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The Captains Dinner on board ‘Afrodita’, Dalmatian Coast

It’s the Captains Dinner on board Afrodita tonight. Having spent nearly a week shoeless, crusted in salt in between shorts and swimmers, we’ve all agreed to dine by the rules of no swimmers or shorts allowed and wearing shoes is essential.

We’re docked at Mijlet national park. It’s a warm night and the tables are set on the back deck outside.

Our aperitif is a grappa – it’s the pale yellow one that smells too much like tequila for my liking (I wish it was their sour cherry brandy – love this).

Entree is mussells cooked in white wine. I’m not a fan of mussels, but my travel buddy is trying to convert me, so I’ve promised to try them. They’re small, tasty and not too scary looking – I quite like these. The captain casually picks up our bowl of empty shells and tips it over the side of the boat.

Main is ‘Škrpina’, an ugly looking red scorpion fish served with potatoes, tomato rice and green beans, chips and salad if tomato and cucumber. Apparently the head of this fish is poisionus – thankfully it’s been removed, but there are still some nasty looking spikes still running down it’s back. The flesh is a little dry and flakey like hake.

I’m noticing all the flavors here are simple and clean. There’s not a lot of spices – parsely, garlic and olive oil and the staple seasonings for most dishes and the flavour of the meat is always the hero.

…Oh and everything comes served with bread.

As we’re almost finished eating, another plate of grilled whole fish is brought to the table by the captain, who proudly announces “I caught this”. We’re moored in a national park, so fishing is illegal, but he’s thrown a line off either side of the boat for 10mins after sunset, and this is his catch. I’m not sure the type of fish it is, what he’s saying sounds like ‘Dorada’, it’s like a sea bass. The creamy white, oily flesh is so delicious – I’d be happy with this for dinner any night.

Dessert is a crepe filled with crushed walnuts and doused in a tangy, buttery, frothy wine and cream sauce… Yum.

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