Lucy in the Larder

‘Afghan’ biscuits

Check out the delicious Christmas treat of ‘Afghan’ biscuits that just got delivered from fab photographer Tarsha Hosking (and the gorgeous antique biscuit tin they’re housed in). 

‘Afghan’ biscuits are a real New Zealand classic made from cornflakes, flour, sugar and cocoa.

No idea where the name ‘Afghan’ came from – anyone?

Tarsha said most kiwi mums would have made them growing up and she loves them because they always remind her of good times back home.

The recipe is from the iconic Edmonds Cookbook which most new brides received when getting married in the 70’s.

You can find ‘Afghan’ biscuits is most good kiwi café – usually enormous and hard for one person to eat on their own. The little ones we’re being treated to today at the perfect size to enjoy with an afternoon cup of tea. Although you have you be quick in this office… 

Here is the original recipe for the Edmonds Cookbook.

Afghan biscuits

200g butter
75g sugar
175g flour
25g cocoa powder
50g cornflakes (or crushed weetbix)

–       Soften butter then add sugar and beat to a cream. Add flour and cocoa and the add cornflakes last so as not to break them up too much.

–       Put spoonfuls on a greased oven tray and bake about 15 minutes at 180’C.

–       When cold, ice with chocolate icing and put walnut on top.

Thanks Tarsha, I so wanted to steal that biscuit tin too!

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