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The last of the leftover Christmas turkey…

The last of the Christmas leftovers and a Turkey and vegetable pie.

This recipe idea came through on Jamie Oliver‘s twitter last week. I’m not really a fan of leftover Christmas turkey – the Christmas ham I could happily eat all year round, but turkey is a bit dry and uninteresting – so I liked the idea of putting it in a pie. I adapted my pie to use the vegetables in the fridge and herbs from the garden and made individual ones (including a couple to put on the freezer for mum and dad when I leave Hardy’s Bay). Enjoyed on my lap as  a TV dinner watching yet another episode of Downton Abbey season 2.

Here is the original Turkey and sweet leek pie recipe.

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One thought on “The last of the leftover Christmas turkey…

  1. Yum! I got Jamie’s new cookbook for xmas, his stuff is soooo tasty!

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