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When my little brother got married and I made a wedding cake

My little brother got married last Friday, to a beautiful woman named Anna… on the lawn of Athol Hall in Ashton Park, Mosman… under the shade of the gum trees with the sparkling Sydney harbour and city behind them.

And I made their wedding cake (or cakes in this case) – chocolate mud cakes with milk chocolate ganache and white chocolate fudge icing. This is what they looked like on Thursday, before getting dolled up… Tasty.Friday morning and all mums prayers to keep the rain at bay looked to be answered, but the cakes I’d long been preparing (and procrastinating about) were destined not to make it to the reception in one piece.

Sitting in morning peak hour traffic with the air-con on full blast, there was nothing I could do but watch as the top layer of cake slid off its soft ganache center and lay next to the bottom layer on the passenger seat next to me. On not one, but two of the three cakes.

Not wanting the icing to sweat I’d left the cakes out of the fridge overnight. But my best intentions – combined with some warm weather and a hilly trip in the car – had ended in a chocolate disaster. This was the first time I cried that day.

After some careful reconstruction, a new batch of icing and a few more prayers from mum, we were on the road for the second attempt to deliver the cakes to the reception… with just an hour to spare. This is my little brother, Tim, and I – I’m about 5-years-old and Tim about 18-months. These are my favourite photos of us.

It’s hard to explain how I felt on Friday, watching Tim get married. Perhaps all you big sisters of little brothers will understand the twinge of sadness I felt. Not because I was loosing him or I in any way dislike my sister-in-law-to-be (quite the opposite), just because he was the little person I’d looked after and been so protective of all these years, about to embark on something that was so grown up. Perhaps in a funny way I felt like I was handing over the care of Tim to Anna, like the father-of-the-bride does with his daughter.

But it was only a twinge and soon forgotten, before I was overwhelmed with love and pride, so happy that he’d found his perfect match and the love of a woman that he adored, and who adored him.

As I stood by waiting to cue the music for the bride to walk down the aisle, my auntie Suz (Tim’s godmother) turned to me and said, “You know I still think of Tim as the little boy, too shy to come out from hiding behind your legs”. This was the second time I cried that day.

I know I sound like someone who’s never been to a wedding before – but this one was so special. At 5.15pm, the bride arrived fashionably late. Tim had been so cool, calm and collected the whole day, until Anna came in to view… she looked nothing short of breathtaking (and how beautiful is the back of her dress?!).

It was the perfect day. Aside from all those things you hope for at a wedding – great weather, a beautiful bride, a handsome groom and a picturesque setting – there was enough love in the room to lift the roof off Athol Hall. So many beautiful words exchanged, heartful hugs, stories shared, laughter and tears. It’s these rare moments in life – an excuse to stand up in front of everyone that’s important to you and tell someone you love, just how much – that was the best part.

I’m sure I cried again in here somewhere.

Oh, and my cakes… they turned out quite well I think, and tasted delicious!

Of course the professional photos are still to come, but I thought I’d share a couple of my favourite things from the day (none of me, because in the mornings fluster I put my dress on back-to-front and didn’t realise until just before I got up to make my speech. Oops).A pair of kookaburras sat in the tree laughing (perhaps they knew about my earlier cake crisis) while I hung my bunting to welcome guests as they arrived to Ashton Park.The paper bag lanterns with heart designs that Anna had ordered to line the pathways outside once the sun went down, didn’t arrive. So Tim hand cut hearts out of the paper bags for her (bless). Tim looking handsome in his Paul Smith suit and navy striped vintage silk bow tie – this was my “something blue or new” wedding gift to him (Apparently bow ties are going to be his new ‘thing’ now).My favourite men and three generations of Squire’s; Tim, Grandad and Dad.Tim’s instructions for their bridal waltz to one of my all-time favorites (actually, this is my old CD…), Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band. 

The wedding cakesMy two favourite women; my beautiful mum (right), who looked rocking in bright orange and my auntie Suz (left), who’s like my second mum.My favourite photo of the groom; introducing the new Mr & Mrs Squire – you couldn’t wipe that enormous smile off Tim’s face the whole day.   My favourite photo of the bride; taken by her brother-in-law as they left through our guard of love… Stunning.

Congratulations Tim and Anna and much love to you both. Thank you for letting me play a part in your special day xx

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14 thoughts on “When my little brother got married and I made a wedding cake

  1. The cakes, the wedding, the dress, the bow tie……all looks so fabulous!!

  2. Auntie Suzie on said:

    Luce, your cakes looked absolutely wonderful and tasted so delicious that I’m still salivating about them. What a wonderful day to be included in something so special and to be with people that I love so much.

  3. That made me cry. Oh dear.

  4. that made me cry, i love your brother

  5. Divine!! Like something from a glamourous movie. Those cakes LLL are heaven. You are beyond clever .

  6. tim foxen on said:

    Congratulations Tim and Anna!

    We’re very poor at communicating with you guys but think of you all often. Lovely blog. Full of the joy of the day!

    If you’re ever in London, drop us a line.

    Have a wonderful life together. Very happy for you.

    Love from Tim, Astrid, Alice and Ed Foxen

  7. Hi Lucy,
    From New York City, a long way from Mosman, Athol Hall and Sydney Harbor, my very best wishes to you, congrats to Tim and Anna, the beautiful couple, best wishes to your beautiful mum and to all your family and of course to my old friend, whom I haven’t seen in a quarter century – your old man Tel. You are looking very good mon ami, slimmer, taller and more hair than I have, suntanned and dashing but then you always were a handsome rogue back in our Liverpool days. I think you all look smashing and I wish I had met you and knew you, what a lovely family you are. Maybe I will meet you all one day in Oz, I hope so, Tel and I have said that we will get together one day, in every Christmas card we write we promise that. And maybe I will see you in New York one day.
    Great cakes too and your blog rocks!
    Love and peace from the US of A,
    Tel’s old college chum

  8. Remember my comment ” don’t be ridiculous you can’t make a wedding cake” how wrong was I! Absolutely brilliant presentation and taste! You are such a beautifull talented daughter and loving sister.

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  12. Your cakes look amazing! I am doing the same as you. Been asked by some dear friends to make their wedding cake. Came across your blog 🙂 I am going to do the fudge frosting as well xxx thanks for your post

    • Thank you! How did your wedding cakes turn out theblessedbaker? It’s such an honour to be asked to make a wedding cake but slightly stressful! I hope you had less dramas than I did and I am sure it was delicious! LITL x

  13. Hi Lucy 🙂 I just did a blog post on The Cakes. Definatley was some stress but Reading your blog post put my mind at ease. x

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