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My unofficial search for the ‘World’s Best Lamington’ – contestants #1 & #2

Taking my long-time love for the humble lamington to a new level, I’ve decided to embark on an unofficial search for the ‘World’s Best Lamington’.

Where will this search take me? Well I’m hoping you can help to make it more than just an excuse to eat every lamington I come across (which let’s be honest, it is) and I’d love to hear suggestions of your favourites!

Contestant #1  
Lamington with cream and Yarra Valley raspberry jam ($3.50)
GAS Eatery – 253 Coventry Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205 – 03 9690 0217

GAS is my go-to place for breakfast, lunch and any meals in between when I’m in Melbourne. Housed in a modernized heritage building, just down the road is South Melbourne market it’s always packed! The colourful displays of seasonal food, tapas and mezze style dishes are influenced by the exotic tastes of Southern Europe, Spain and Middle East. “We want people to order with their eyes rather than from a menu” Kate, one of the five sisters who own GAS says.

The verdict? Pretty amazing. Although they might have gone a little OTT with the cream. I do love a cream filled lamington, especially fresh cream, but this is a bit too much. The sponge has really soaked up the chocolate coating around the edges and the raspberry jam has a great tang to it. Definitely a front-runner.

Contestant #2  
Panna cotta lamington ($5.50)
Flour and Stone – 53 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011 – 02 8068 8818

A fellow foodie sent me here – she had me at “…then they poke holes in it and fill it with panna cotta!”. Flour and Stone is a compilation of baked goodness that Nadine Ingram learned in houses such as Le Gavroche (London), MG Garage, Bourke Street Bakery and The Ivy (London) – these places shaped the way she cooks, contributing technique, finesse and love to her baking. The little hole in the wall off William Street is filled with treats to enjoy with a cup of tea or Alchemy coffee. From a Lemon drizzle cake, Beetroot and seed cake, Fine apple tart, Wholesome carrot cake with spelt, macaroons and gingerbread biscuits galore – Flour and Stone is “just sweetness in life offered in a wholesome and honest way”.

The verdict? I think we might have peaked very early in the competition with this now that one of my other favourite desserts, panna cotta, is in the mix. The liquid panna cotta mix is poured over the cooked lamington sponge, allowing it to soak in, then cooled to set. I can’t explain the delightful texture that results – it’s still light and airy, then smooth and creamy as it hits my tongue. The shaved coconut not only looks great, it’s moist too. This one’s moving in to first position.

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4 thoughts on “My unofficial search for the ‘World’s Best Lamington’ – contestants #1 & #2

  1. Try making your very own lamingtons, it’s pretty tough but that just makes them taste even better

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