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My unofficial search for the ‘World’s Best Lamington’ – contestants #6 & #7

At last a contestant in my unofficial search for the ‘World’s Best Lamington’ of the homemade kind. And this version really steps it up in the chocolate stakes!

Contestant #6
Triple-chocolate lamington
Homemade, recipe from Gourmet Traveller

Not Double-chocolate but Triple-chocolate lamington – does it get any better?? And did I mention it was homemade by Sticky Vicky who delivered on her promise to make these for me, to aid my search. She tells me she’s not overly happy with how its turned out – worried that the sponge might be a little too dense, and he’s lost some of his coconut coating on the trip in to work. None of this is deterring me though, I’m excited.

initially I was a little sceptical about it being too intensely chocolatey – I can smell the coco and it’s as black as night when I cut into it. She’s right on the sponge being dense, it’s more like cake in texture, but I like it and it’s not too heavy to eat (as in, I had no problem eating the whole thing and not feeling at all ill). The chocolate isn’t too rich and the bitter sponge is balanced perfectly with the sweetened chocolate cream and tart raspberry jam. As far as stepping outside the lamington box goes, this one is definitely up there with the contestant #2 , the Panna cotta lamington from Flour and Stone.

Contestant #7
Lamington ($1.50)
North Ryde Bread Shop – Blenheim Street (off Cox’s Road), North Ryde NSW 2113

This entrant really is proof I’ll eat a lamington from anywhere, at anytime. I spotted this rather dodgy looking bread shop on the way back to work one morning and stopped in the hope it might sell my favourite little chocolate and coconut coated cube of sponge. At just $1.50, it’s the cheapest of the contestants so far. It’s worth mentioning there was on offer a round cream filled version and a long log of a lamington – they get points for variety.

The first thing you’ll notice is the odd shape of this one – perhaps cooked in a round cake tin and sliced in to wedges. My expectations are low but it turned out to be quite lovely (taste tasted by a few colleagues back in the office). The sponge was light and the chocolate nice and rich. If I ever need an emergency hit at work, it’s good to know there’s one near by.

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3 thoughts on “My unofficial search for the ‘World’s Best Lamington’ – contestants #6 & #7

  1. Jenny on said:

    Whenever we go back home to Aus for a holiday, a proper lamington from the first decent bakery I see is right up there on my list (along with gorging myself on milo’s every night, eating a ridiculous amount of Aussie beef and eating at least one proper meat pie) so I love your search for the world’s best lamington! I’m totally going to try your friend’s recipe to try and tide me over until I’m back home next 😉

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