Lucy in the Larder

Breakfast at The Breakfast Club (Hoxton, London)

I thought I’d beaten the jet lag until I woke and 5am this morning. Not that maybe-if-I-lay-here-long-enough-I’ll-drift-back-to-sleep-awake… Wide awake. So I decided to go for a walk – aside from the trips out to Olympic Park, I haven’t really done much exploring of the great area I’m based – East London or ‘E London’ if you’re a local. It was (sorry, still is) cold and wet here and as I attempt a brisk walk to warm up, all I feel like eating is a comforting bowl of porridge.

Enter The Breakfast Club, near Hoxton Square, and their canary yellow door that was like a beacon in a city blanketed grey (surely Dulux have a ‘London grey’ in their colour charts??). The Breakfast Club specialises in breakfast (obviously), serving everything from traditional English to pancakes, bacon and egg rolls, eggs Benedict, museli and what I was craving, porridge!

The place is a light, post-industrial space. Furnished with fun things that some might call junk, but I call quirky – a mix of modern and miss-matched vintage fittings, distressed walls and my favourite, the Men at Work lyrics “I met a strange lady, she made me nervous. She took me in a gave me breakfast” written around the open kitchen.

My porridge with apple, blueberries and cinnamon (£4.50) arrives. A steaming bowl of creamy oats, topped with fat fresh blueberries and apple cooked in cinnamon. Just looking at it is making my toes feel warmer. And I know I’ve ordered well when the chefs sit down at a table in the corner, each with a bowl of the same. I’ve also ordered the brightest fresh juice on the menu too, the ‘Slow Boy’ (£3.90), a mix of apple, carrot, orange and ginger.

I’m here early but the young hipster crowd starts to build as I finish my fresh mint tea and head off to work. It’s not just about breakfast at The Breakfast Club – I’ve perused the lunch menu that has everything from wraps, burgers, burritos, pies and salads.

Make sure you check out the bathrooms too, or as they’ve been named “The worlds smallest disco”, resplendent with some brilliant 1980s cartoon wallpaper – Fragile Rock (my particular favourite). A disco ball and matching soundtrack.

The Breakfast Club – 2-4 Rufus Street, Hoxton N1 6PE – 020 7729 5252

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