Lucy in the Larder

My unofficial search for the ‘World’s Best Lamington’ – Contestant #9

There had to be a random lamington entrant in this search. I’ve no idea who made it, nor how long it had been sitting in the fridge. Come to think of it, I’ve no idea how I managed to find it amongst the hundreds of stalls and thousands of people at the Good Food & Wine Show in Brisbane. Tucked away in one of the café’s, next to the pre-made sandwiches. I’d like to think my lamington radar is always on alert, but I think I just spend most of my time looking for something to eat.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t purchase one that’s pre-packaged. But I did say – when I began this search – that it would see me eat every lamington that ever crossed my path, all in the name of research.

Contestant #9
Lamington ($3.80)
Café re-fresh, Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show

(I can’t tell if those are a couple of fingerprints on the top – they’re not mine, but I won’t dwell on it)

I think I’ve already decided it’s going to be rubbish, so I’m pleasantly surprised when I tear it apart and my fingers sink in to the damp chocolately sides… this could actually be good. The sponge is light and airy and there’s a good thick layer of chocolate on the outside. I think it’s time in the fridge earlier that day has helped keep the edges moist.

If I knew who to give it credit for I would, because it’s sitting in a good position in this competition.

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