Lucy in the Larder

Do cows eat porridge?

Hear that? Nothing.

The morning fog hangs thick in the valley like a half-eaten bowl of soup. Silence. I can just about make out the wide black figures that begin to appear over the hillside… “Moooo”.

A dozen Black Angus hover along the fence line… a procession… just watching, their shapes – like cardboard cut-outs – black against white. A flick of their ear asks me “who are you and what’s for breakfast?”. I step out… my bare feet are cold and wet on the damp ground. I should really put some shoes on. But I don’t care, I’m happy… with cold feet, in this monochrome scene.


I’m at Eagleview, in Crookwell, the White Rabbit’s family farm for the weekend. The fog had already set in when we arrived late last night. And I can’t begin to tell you how well I slept (internal high fives).

We’ve planned to make Teresa Cutter’s buckwheat porridge for breakfast (I haven’t really ‘done’ a lot with buckwheat). A mix of roasted buckwheat, chia seeds, raisins, warming cinnamon and sweet vanilla has been left to soften and swell in rice milk over night, before being cooked on the stove top and mixed with grated apple. We top it with fresh figs, strawberries and blueberries. And nothing could be more perfect on this crisp and dewy morning.


There’s also something savoury to accompany, Sarah Wilson’s egg and bacon cupcakes, that White Rabbit had prepared for us earlier (to snack on in the car last night), full of protein, simple and delicious.


It’s quite cold, but we eat at the table outside. I borrow a pair of socks and woollen blankets keep our legs warm. The cows have followed us, their faces peering through the bushes… “Moooo”… “who are you and what’s for breakfast?”.

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One thought on “Do cows eat porridge?

  1. If I was a cow I would eat that porridge. Yum!

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