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My unofficial search for the ‘World’s Best Lamington’ – Contestant #10

I could well be shouting out “We have a winner!”. But will that mean the end of my search? An end to my excuses to eat lamingtons wherever I go? Hmmm. Maybe we almost have a winner then…


Contestant #10
Lamington ($4.00)
Jackman & McCross – 57-59 Hampden Road, Battery Point, TAS 7004 – (03) 6223 3186

Happening upon lamingtons unintentionally, is the best. I came across this little gem straight off the plane and after breakfast at the Jackman & McRoss, in Hobart. I’d like to think we have another international entrant in this competition, but travelling by plane and over the ocean doesn’t always mean so in this part of the world… I’m just in Tasmania.

Jackman & McRoss is known for its sourdough bread, pies and a fantastic selection of savoury and sweet tarts. And now, lamingtons!


After breakfast, B2B and I took home a selection of cakes – Chocolate Frangelico tart; Lemon curd tart; White chocolate and peach tart; Summer pudding and a lamington – all intended for afternoon tea. but I couldn’t wait. Back at B2B and H2B’s house in the hills of Cygnet – while my hosts play with their adorable new puppies – I get my lamingtion out to play.

To my great delight, when I cut through the centre, it’s filled with strawberry jam and coated a thick rich chocolate. But it’s got a taste test with three judges to pass just yet.



We all agree it’s delicious. Light sponge and a chocolate coating that’s much thicker than usual, like icing (earning big points here). And the lovely jam – a little bit tart and specked with strawberry seeds.


A definite contender to take out the top spot in is competition. In fact, I’ll guarantee it a spot in the top 3 – even if I have to travel over an ocean to eat it.

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5 thoughts on “My unofficial search for the ‘World’s Best Lamington’ – Contestant #10

  1. Someday I really have to get to Australia, if only to try a Lamington. I mean really. If voting-by-blog can count, I give this one a cheer for the strawberry jam. Happy eating!

  2. We recently discussed a very special lamington recipe with Simon Marnie on ABC radio in a segment called ‘recipes you shouldn’t mess with’ (like your grandmother’s!). We would love to share your epic search and your gorgeous blog with our followers on My Grandmother’s Kitchen Facebook page, please let us know if we can do that. Claire and Laura xo

    • An epic (but thoroughly enjoyable) search indeed girls! Pleased to hear you’re enjoying the contestants – there are a few more to come – and love for you to share it on your Facebook page, I’ll be sure to check it out. I hope you make it down to Australia one day, and try a lamington! Thanks for reading, Lucy

      • Thank you Lucy, we will be posting about your gorgeous blog this month. My co-author baked some special lamingtons for my Australian Citizenship Ceremony on Australia Day this year! Photos and details of the this special recipe are available on our page. We are both now true lamington loving Aussies! Claire and Laura xo

      • Thanks girls, I will include this in my next lamington post (still searching and consuming…). Congratulations on your Australian Citizenship and I’m so pleased to have converted another lamington lover! Lucy

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